"The Door's Not Shut On My Genuis, But I Just Don't Have The Time"

K.B. Graser ventures into book publishing!

In an effort to share some of our adventures with sports car racing and travels, I have decided to design and publish some items which may be of interest to our readers. I've put some of the books descriptions below along with a link that can be used to purchase the books from Amazon. I will admit that I also get a little money for each book that is sold. Enjoy!

Can Am Calendar

Can Am calendar

This is a 15 month calendar which is for Oct of 2020 to December of 2021. I have put a full color picture of a Cam Am car from races that I have attended. This is an 8.5" x 11" paperback desktop calendar with 31 pages.

Can Am Journal

Can Am Journal

A 100 page Journal honoring the "Golden Age of Sports Car Racing" This Journal has 100 pages with a picture of a famous Can Am car every 10 pages. Use this as a daily Journal to keep track of appointments or any other activities.