"The Door's Not Shut On My Genius, But I Just Don't Have The Time"

And Then My SisterTold Mom

If you have had a little sister then my stories will sound familiar, if not read and enjoy.

I have a sister named Nancy. She is my best friend and someone I love dearly. If you had told me that when I was in high school, I would have suggested you needed help. There are many stories about my sister tatteling but I will try to keep this short.

My first story has to do with smoking. When I was about 15 my friends and I decided to try smoking. I was not good at it initially but like all dumb kids I kept trying. If I was going to keep trying, I had to hide the cigarettes. First hiding place was the bottom drawer of the dresser, in an old purse, under several shirts. Guess WHO found them and of course showed mom. Grounded. Ok lets put them in the pocket of an old sweater, on an hanger, covered by a jacket and then covered by a coat all on the same hanger. Guess WHO found them and told mom, really grounded. After that we hid them at a friends house.

My second story happened when we were at the farm for the summer. I was dating Donovan and when he brought me home we would park just across the lake from the house, in a field. Then we would "practice" kissing. Guess WHO found out and told mom. After that mom would start flashing the yard light, that seriously cut practice time.

The third story actually happened to Nancy, but it is so funny I have to include it. In high school I dated a very special boy named Bill. When I left for college, the romance did not servive the distance. Bill, however remained good friends with the family. He and Nancy would often go out and do things together. One day they went downtown to Chicago. They went to Old Town and generally just had a good time. They missed their train home and there was not another train for over an hour. So Nancy and Bill went to a movie, thereby missing another train. By the time Bill pulled into the driveway to drop Nancy off it was about 2:30am. As Nancy got out of the car my mom came out the door, hair in curlers, in a ratty robe with a baseball bat in hand. Bill pulled out of the driveway very fast and Nancy made a run for her room. It seems they forgot to call and update mom on what they were doing, so she was frantic with worry. We have had many a good laugh over that story. Bill remained a good friend.

A Little Bird Told on Me!


I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I LOVE CARS! I love little cars like the "Peel P50", medium cars like the "KIA Optima", really big cars like the "Hummer".

But most of all I LOVE the "Koenigsegg". Christian Von Koenigsegg is an amazing engineer. The very newest car has no transmission and 1500hp. My favorite is the Koeninsegg 1:One. 1 unit of horsepower to 1 unit of weight. It only costs 3.2 million. Would anyone like to invest.

My other love in cars is the 1936 super charged Cord.

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