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The Golden Age of Sports Car Racing in North America!

Canadian-American Challenge Cup, or Can-Am

Can-Am started out as a race series for group 7 sports racers with two races in Canada (Can) and four races in the United States of America (Am). The series was governed by rules called out under the FIA group 7 category with unrestricted engine capacity and few other technical restrictions.

The group 7 category was essentially a Formula Libre for sports cars; the regulations were minimal and permitted unlimited engine sizes (and allowed turbocharging and supercharging), virtually unrestricted aerodynamics, and were as close as any major international racing series ever got to have an "anything goes" policy. As long as the car had two seats, bodywork enclosing the wheels, and met basic safety standards, it was allowed. Group 7 cars were designed more for short-distance sprints than for endurance racing.

There was good prize and appearance money. The series was lucrative for its competitors but resulted, by its end, in truly outrageous cars with well over 1,000 horsepower (750 kW) (the Porsche team claimed 1,500 hp (1,100 kW) for its 917/30 in qualifying trim), wings, active downforce generation, very light weight and unheard of speeds.

Can-Am remains a well-remembered form of racing due to its popularity in the 1960s and early 1970s. The limited number of regulations, allowing extremely fast and innovative cars and the lineup of talented drivers created a series to fondly remember. Can-Am cars remain popular in historic racing today.

Can Am Series

Can Am Logo


McLaren Elva MkII

This is an example of a very popular Group 7 car in the early days of the Can Am series. A very light chasis with a big american V8 engine.

Mid-Ohio Can-Am 1971

Can Am calendar

This is a 15 month calendar which is for Oct of 2020 to December of 2021. I have put a full color picture of a Cam Am car from this race as well as a few others. This is an 8.5" x 11" paperback desktop calendar with 31 pages that can be purchased on Amazon.

Mid-Ohio 1971 Can-Am Gallery

  • Mid Ohio Gallery
  • Mid Ohio 71 Can Am Porsche 917(1)
    Porsche 917 - Jo Siffert
  • Mid Ohio 71 Can Am Ferrari 512(1)
    Ferrari 512 - Herbert Mueller
  • Mid Ohio 71 Can Am Ferrari 512
    Ferrari 512 - Herbert Mueler
  • Mid Ohio 71 Can Am Lola T160
    Lola T160 - Chuck Parsons
  • Mid Ohio 71 Can Am Lola T260
    Lola T260 - Jackie Stewart
  • Mid Ohio 71 Can Am March 771
    March 771 - Gordan DeWar
  • Mid Ohio 71 Can Am McLaren M8D(1)
    McLaren M8D - Lother Mosthenbacher
  • Mid Ohio 71 Can Am McLaren M8D(2)
    McLaren M8D - Denny Hulme
  • Mid Ohio 71 Can Am McLaren M8E(2) (1)
    McLaren M8E - Bob Brown
  • Mid Ohio 71 Can Am McLaren M8E
    McLaren M8E - Vic Elford
  • Mid Ohio 71 Can Am McLaren M12
    McLaren M12
  • Mid Ohio 71 Can Am Porsche 917(1)
    Porsche 917 - Milt Menter
  • Mid Ohio 71 Can Am Porsche 917(3)
    Porsche 917 - Milt Minter
  • Mid Ohio 71 Can Am Porsche 917(4)(1)
    Porsche 917 - Jo Siffert
Mid Ohio 71 Can Am Porsche 917(1)

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